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Hub Camera Club, Marysville, CA: Digital Photography

Welcome one and all to the Hub Camera Club!

Message from the Chair - June - 2013

Hello, Hub Camera Club Members—

Letme start by saying 'ThankYou.' This is the end ofmy two years as Chair of the club. The time has flown by with everyone working together to keep the club successful and enjoyable, somethingwe look forward to eachmonth.We are pleased to announce that there is a full slate ofBoardmembers for next year. President: Kelly Thomas, Vice P: Jay Nixon, Secretary: Sarah Pryor, Treasurer and Membership: Laura Keber, f-stop Editor: Diana Valusek, Program Chair and Projection: Ed Valusek,WebMaster: Jay Nixon. Best wishes to the new Board. It’s a pleasure to be part of this great club.

Our evaluator at the May submissions meeting, Byron Hindman, gave us clear and direct comments to help us improve our photography. He summed up the evening with three key points, Simplicity, Placement, and Contrast. Simplicity, have the focal point jump out. Less on the screen is more effective. Placement, diagonals are more interesting and project a sense of creativity andmovement.Contrast, try to avoid bright in the background.

I will host the End of the Year Barbecue and Awards Presentation in June. In the meantime Ed will be busy adding up points, completing the certificates, and determining the James F. Taresh APSA Photographer of the Year. I hope you will all be able to come.

Looking forward to seeing you at Hub Camera Club. Check out the web site,

--Joann Nixon, Chair

Hub Camera Club has been active since 1959. The club has kept on the cutting edge of photography by staying currant with changes in technology and the world of photography.

Just a reminder the f-stop is full of applicable information, check it out in the Newsletters section.

Mark Your Calendar for upcoming events.
Put June 15th Saturday 5PM, End of the Year Barbecue and Awards Presentation on your schedule.

June 15, 2013 ~ Saturday 5 PM ~ At the President's Home
End of the Year Barbecue and Awards Presentation ~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Meeting Schedule ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

June 15, 2013         ~ Saturday 5 PM ~  End of year awards get-together.  

Assigned Subjects for 2012/2013
September/Black and White With A Splash of Color.
November/What Is It?
January/Farm Machinery.

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Enjoy your stay!

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